SEO Tutorial For Beginners in Urdu

  • What is SEO?
  • How do we do website SEO Earn Money Online?

What we will learn in SEO Tutorial for Beginners in Urdu?

  1. What is Search Engine Optimization?
  2. How Google Search Engine is Working?
  3. How to start SEO for website (Before or After).
  4. Proper topic research for SEO.
  5. How to do keyword research?
  6. Website Hosting best for start beginners and (What I am personally use Hosting)?
  7. How to buy a domain name? (If you are living in Pakistan not have a PayPal account then how you can purchase a domain name in Pakistan?)
  8. What is the Target Audience selection Process?
  9. What is On-Page SEO?
  10. What is Off-Page SEO?
  11. What is Technical SEO?

What you will learn in On-Page SEO Topics?

  1. Keyword Research.
  2. Chose the right domain name.
  3. Title, Tags, Description of website.
  4. Meta Tags.
  5. Alter Tags.
  6. Link Title Tags.
  7. Headings.
  8. H1 and H2, H3 tags.
  9. Post Title, Permalink, Post Decryption.
  10. Image Alt tag.
  11. Sub Headings.
  12. Write SEO-friendly article.
  13. Write Post with best SEO techniques.
  14. Content optimization.
  15. Page Loading Time Analysis.
  16. Business Analysis.
  17. Keyword Coverage.
  18. Use target keywords without Keyword density.
  19. Page by Page Targeted Optimization.
  20. Code Optimization.
  21. Search Engine Friendly Scan.
  22. Bread Crumbs.
  23. Robots.txt.
  24. Efficient Interlinking.
  25. Image Optimization.
  26. Valid internal links.
  27. Rich snippets.
  28. Frequency of Updates.
  29. Generate Sitemaps — HTML/XML (Google,Bing) etc.

What you will learn in Off-Page SEO?

  1. Keyword Analysis.
  2. Developing Titles and Descriptions for Linking.
  3. Social Media Profile Creation and Promotion.
  4. Collection of Quality Links.
  5. Search Engine Submission.
  6. Create a sitemap and submit Google WebMaster.
  7. Google Analytics Account Creation.
  8. Link Building.
  9. Social Bookmarking.
  10. Article Marketing.
  11. Forum Marketing.
  12. Blog Marketing.
  13. Blog commenting.
  14. Social Media Marketing.
  15. Guest Posting.
  16. Edu or Gov backlinks.
  17. Link Exchange.
  18. Blog creation.
  19. Video Promotions.
  20. Article Submission.
  21. Classifieds Submission.
  22. Commenting Posting.
  23. Forum Postings.
  24. -Much more Bonus Backlinks etc.

What you will learn in Technical SEO?

  1. Advanced Technical SEO Audit.
  2. website crawler error.
  3. Fix Broken internal and Outbound links.
  4. how to fix duplicate content issues.
  5. how to migrate website from HTTP to HTTPS.
  6. optimize sitemap.xml.
  7. optimize robots.txt.
  8. How to Add structured data and schema markup.

Geeky Academy SEO Tutorial Guide

  1. How to use Google Webs master tool complete guide?
  2. What is the Google Analytics tool?
  3. Google Panda + Recover website if hit by Google Panda.
  4. Google Penguin + Recovery.
  5. Other Google Algorithms.
  6. Penguin, Hummingbird, Mobile Update, Quality Update, RankBrain Update, Adwords SERP update.
  7. WordPress SEO Advance setting.
  8. How to find an SEO job online or offline.
  9. Geeky Academy Bonus Tips for SEO Beginners.

List of Best SEO Tool use for Rank Website (Some Tool are Free and some are Paid)

  1. Google Keyword Planner for Keyword research.
  2. Use Google Trend.
  3. Google Webmaster Tool.
  4. Google Analytics tool.
  11. Woorank.
  12. Dead link checker.
  13. Longtail Pro.
  14. Serpbook.
  15. Small SEO tools.




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